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Super Stylin’!

We received a special delivery this morning – our Year 6 2017 Graduation shirts! They look fantastic and students are able to wear them everyday. Well done to Layla, whose design was voted for the back of the shirt.

Year 6 Graduation Shirts!

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Today was very exciting when our new Year 6 graduation shirts arrived. Students were quick to try them on and pose for some photos – and they look fantastic! Thank you to Mark from Newcastle Workwear.


Year 6 Graduation Shirts!

Well done to Joe, whose Year 6 shirt design was voted as the best for our new graduation shirts. We currently have some sample shirts for students to try, to assist with sizing. Orders are due in to school by next Friday. A copy of the order form is attached here.      Yr6 Shirt Order Form



Year 6 Graduation Shirts

Our Year 6 students were excited to receive their 2014 graduation shirts at the end of last week- and they look terrific!

It’s great to see our students wearing their new shirts already. They are allowed to be worn everyday.


Year 6 Graduation Shirts

Last week notes were sent home with our Year 6 students about ordering 2014 Graduation shirts.

The note is attached below and orders need to be in by Friday 26th March. I will be receiving some sample shirts in the coming weeks for students who would like to try them on to help with sizing.

Year 6 graduation shirt order 2014

Year 6 2013 showing off their new shirts!

Year 6 Graduation Shirts

Due to popular request we have decided to organise and order special Class of 2013 Graduation Year 6 shirts for our students!

The shirts are high quality 100% polyester and will include a school emblem, Year 6 design (voted by students) and include the names of all graduating students. They will be light blue with dark blue printing.

The cost of a shirt is $27. As soon as quantities and payments are finalised we will be able to place the order and receive the shirts within several weeks. Students will be able to wear their new shirts everyday (with the exception of formal events).

Notes and payment are due to the office by this Wednesday 14th August, 2013. Thank you to the families who have already placed an order. Don’t miss out!