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World’s Biggest Classroom

Last term students began a project with Miss Beker as part of the World’s Biggest Classroom Art Exhibition. This week their completed sculpture is being transported to Sydney for display.

The competition involved selecting a theme that showed the progression of technology from 1984 to now. The students created a visual sculpture of a human representing the past and all the technological progress since then to present society including the vision of the future.

Our sculpture will be on display at St James Train Station in Sydney. A big thank you to Miss Beker and all the students who worked so hard on this project.



World’s Biggest Classroom

This term the OC is taking part in the World’s Biggest Classroom, an exhibition program that provides NSW schools the opportunity to showcase student work across a variety of curriculum areas. This year’s theme is 30 Spectacular Years! With the help of our super creative Miss Beker, our class has begun a visual arts project which aims to demonstrate the significant moments in history and the changes from past to present from the last 30 years.


The World’s Messiest Classroom!


Paper mache madness!