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Super Spellers!

Congratulations to all of our super spellers who took part in our annual Premier’s Spelling Bee last Week. It was a tough competition with many challenging words. Well done to our Stage 3 winner Oliver, 2nd place Rebecca and Henry in 3rd. Thank you to the parents and grandparents who came along to watch and support our children.


ICAS Spelling

Well done to everyone who took part in this year’s ICAS Spelling. There’s always some incredibly difficult words and students should be very proud of their amazing achievements.

Participation: Zali, Hamish Ma, Archie, Grayson, Annabelle

Merits: Edie (top 40%), Luisa (top 37%)

Credits: Rowan (top 33%), Henry (top 21%), Amie (top 29%), Julian (top 33%)

Distinctions: Emma (top 2%), Noah (top 6%), Dexter (top 8%), Hamish Mo (top 8%), Cheslea (top 5%)

High Distinction: Raquel (top 1%)

The Principal’s Award went to Raquel for her outstanding achievement! Well done, everyone.

ICAS Spelling

Well done to our students who took part in this year’s ICAS Spelling competition. Students received their results today. 

Participation: Sam, Eliza, Eleanor, Noah K, Blade, Duncan, Ty, Mika, Fin and Grayson

Merits: Amie (top 40%), Edie (top 45%) and Oscar (top 44%)

Credits: Chloe (top 28%), Emma (top 12%), Celeste (top 24%), William (top 15%), Jayden (top 26%), Raquel (top 15%) and Ember (top 32%)

Distinctions: Noah G (top 10%), Chelsea (top 8%) and Dexter (top 2%)

The Principal’s Award went to Dexter for his outstanding achievement! Well done, everyone. 

ICAS Spelling & Writing

Well done to everyone who took part in this year’s ICAS Spelling and Writing competitions. Students were eager to receive their results at today’s assembly and should be very proud of their efforts. 

Spelling Achievements 

Participation – Noah (top 50%), Blade, S Willson, Eliza, Eleanor, Sachin and Sia. 

Merits – Ty (top 45%) and Oscar (topc45%)

Credits – Elsie (top 36%), Pat (top  33%), Chloe (top 26%), Duncan (top 12%) and Celeste (top 5%)

Distinctions – Freya (top 11%) and Elijah (top 11%) 


Writing Achievements

Participation – Ty, Duncan, Griffin, Blade, Elsie and Vincent (top 48%) 

Merits – Sia (top 37%), Freya (top 37%), Sachin (top 37%) and Eliza (top 43%)

Credits – Eleanor (top 23%), Noah (top 15%) and Ember (top 23%)

Distinctions – Oscar (top 9%) and Chloe (top 5%)

High Distinctions – Celeste (top 1%) and S Willson (top 1%)

Congratulations everyone!


Spelling Superstars!

Well done to everyone who competed in our Premier’s Spelling Bee event today. We had over 40 Stage 3 students take part – our highest number so far, with so many spelling superstars our event was probably the longest ever! Congratulations to Zander, who was the winner of today’s event and to Chloe who came 2nd! Both students will go on to represent our school at the Regional Finals in the coming weeks.



                                                                Jarvis – official spelling bee mascot!

ICAS Writing & Spelling

Well done to all of our students who took part in the ICAS writing and spelling competitions this year. Students received their results and certificates at today’s assembly. 

Writing – Participation for Adrian and Gill (top 49%); Merits for Cai (42%) and Max (top 37%); Credits for Sachin (top 31%), Freya (top 31%) and Vincent (top 13%); a Distinction for Dan (top 2%) and our first High Distinction for Sarah (top 1%). 

Spelling – Participation for Cai, Sachin and Max; a Merit for Elsie (top 43%); Credits for Freya (top 34%) and Sarah (top 30%); and Distinctions for Patrick (top 9%) and Adrian (top 2%). 

Congratulations everyone!


Premier’s Spelling Bee

Well done to everyone who had a go at our annual spelling bee today. It takes a lot of courage to put yourself forward and spell some rather tricky words in front of an audience. Congratulations to Dan who was our overall winner, Adrian who came 2nd and Elijah who placed 3rd. A terrific result! Thank you to Joe and Sarah who were great helpers with time keeping.

Spelling Bee tomorrow!

Just a reminder that our Premier’s Spelling Bee competition is being held tomorrow in our upper hall. Our Stage 3 competition begins at 9.30am and Stage 2 after recess at 12noon. All welcome to attend. Good luck to all our students taking part!

Don’t miss our first Hall of Fame assembly at 2pm, where we will also award our Spelling Bee winners!


Premier’s Spelling Bee

The 2013 Premier’s Spelling Bee is fast approaching! Students received a note last week about this event, which will take place on Monday 12th August. The competition will be held in our Upper hall with Stage 3 (years 5 & 6) commencing at 9.30am and Stage 2 (years 3 &4) at 12pm. All students in years 3-6 are welcome to enter, but need to sign up with Mrs Bowman by the end of this week. Parents and caregivers are welcome to attend!

Why spelling is important!


The top two students from Stage 2 and 3 will receive an invitation to participate in the Regional Finals at Lambton Public school on Monday 16th September.


Visit the School A-Z link below to participate in a fun Spelling Bee game.

School A-Z