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ICAS Writing

Well done to everyone who took part in this year’s ICAS Writing. Students received their results at our assembly today and should be very proud of their wonderful achievements.

Participation: Rowan, Annabelle, Coco, Julian, Amira (top 48%), Fin, Luisa (top 48%), Grayson & Zali

Credits: Hamish Ma (top 29%), Edie (top 33%), Hamish Mo (top 25%), Archie (top 18%) & Amie (top 18%)

Distinctions: Noah (top 2%) & Ellen (top 9%), 

High Distinction: Emma (top 1%), Raquel (top 1%), Mika (top 1%) & Chelsea (top 1%)

The Principal’s Award went to Mika for her outstanding achievement! Well done, everyone.

ICAS Spelling

Well done to everyone who took part in this year’s ICAS Spelling. There’s always some incredibly difficult words and students should be very proud of their amazing achievements.

Participation: Zali, Hamish Ma, Archie, Grayson, Annabelle

Merits: Edie (top 40%), Luisa (top 37%)

Credits: Rowan (top 33%), Henry (top 21%), Amie (top 29%), Julian (top 33%)

Distinctions: Emma (top 2%), Noah (top 6%), Dexter (top 8%), Hamish Mo (top 8%), Cheslea (top 5%)

High Distinction: Raquel (top 1%)

The Principal’s Award went to Raquel for her outstanding achievement! Well done, everyone.

ICAS Science & Digital Technologies

Well done to everyone who took part in this year’s ICAS Science and Digital Technologies competitions. Students received their certificates today at our weekly assembly and there were some very impressive results!


Participation –Hamish Ma, Amie and Grayson (top 47%) 

Merits – Annabelle (top 45%)

Credits – Sam (top 26%), Rowan (top 16%), Noah (top 26%), Kynan (top 16%), Julian (top 21%), Dexter (top 21%), Emma (top 36%), Fin (top 13%), Hamish Mon (top 17%), Archie (top 26%), Jules (top 30%), Will (top 36%) and Chelsea (top 36%)

Distinctions – Callum (top 7%), Raquel (top 2%)
Principal’s Award to Raquel!


Digital Technologies

Participation – Zali and Grayson

Merits – Amie (top 44%) and Rowan (top 43%)

Credits – Kynan (top 16%), Dexter (top 21%), Julian (top 36%), Fin (top 21%) and Will (top 28%)

Distinctions – Hamish Mon (top 8%), Norah (top 8%), Hamish Ma (top 5%), Raquel (top 5%), Emma (top 5%) and Annabelle (top 2%)
Principal’s award to Annabelle!

MCYA Stars!

Well done to all our clever mathematicians who took part in the Mathematics Challenge for Young Australians at the end of last term. The program provided students with a series of problems to work through and allowed them to collaborate and discuss strategies in small groups.  Congratulations on your effort and hard work completing this challenging challenge! Our super achievements are below:

Proficiency – Zali, Annabelle, Callum & Rowan

Distinctions – Will, Fin, Julian, Archie, Amie, Ellen, Hamish, Oliver, Norah, Hamish, Kynan, Raquel & Emma.

A special mention also to Emma and Raquel who achieved a perfect score!

Hall of Fame morning tea

Congratulations to all of our students who achieved Hall of Fame for Responsibility this term. Today they enjoyed a delicious morning tea with Mrs Schonberger.

Monkey Mob!

We were treated to a special musical performance at our assembly yesterday from Monkey Mob – Hamish, Fin and Blade! They played an amazing version of the White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army. I’m sure Jack White would be impressed by their talent. Great work, boys!

The Amazing Oliver!

Congratulations to our super KenKen puzzle master, Oliver!

This term in the OC we have been enjoying working on KenKen puzzles (part sudoku, part magic square, part problem solving, totally challenging) as part of our maths homework options.

Last week we found out that KenKen run a challenge twice a term for schools on their blog. We eagerly awaited for the puzzle to be posted at midday and began trying to solve it. The first class to correctly solve the puzzle and email in a screenshot of their work would win a prize pack. We were thrilled to discover that Oliver was the first to correctly solve the challenging puzzle! He will be receiving his prize pack shortly. Well done!