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ICAS Science

Well done to everyone who took part in this year’s ICAS Science competition. We had many students take part and this year’s papers were 300-px-2000px-Science-symbol-2-copyquite comprehensive and challenging so it was great to see students do their best. Students received their certificates at our assembly today. Well done to Ty, Elsie, Sophia, Freya, Eleanor and Eliza (top 47%) who each received a Participation certificate. Great work to Celeste (top 41%) and S Willson (top 41%) who achieved Merits. Well done to Oscar (top 15%), Duncan (top 24%), Griffin (top 19%), Blade (top 19%), Sachin (top 15%), Sia (top 33%) and Vincent (top 21%) who all achieved Credits. Lastly, congratulations to S Walsh who achieved a Distinction for placing in the top 6% and to Noah who excelled, earning a High Distinction for placing in the top 1% and was also awarded the Principal’s Award. Wow!


Science – Extreme Weather Phenomena!

This term in Science we are learning about Extreme Weather Phenomena, studying volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, droughts, floods, cyclones, tornadoes, and bushfires. In each lesson, we will be looking at the causes, effects, and mitigation strategies for each type of extreme weather phenomena. This ties in with our Speaking and Listening task due next week, where students have been asked to write a speech about a type of extreme weather phenomena. So far we have learnt about volcanoes. While volcanoes are not caused by weather, they can change the atmosphere and are an uncommon occurrence that can alter local environments. They are incredibly fascinating! Here is a clip from Dr Binocs and his explanation of volcanoes:

Students also learnt about one of the most famous (or infamous) volcanoes of all time, Mount Vesuvius, which was responsible for the destruction of Pompeii almost 2000 years ago.Here is an animation that we watched in class that shows what the conditions were like on the day that Mount Vesuvius destroyed Pompeii.

For those of you at home who enjoy experiments and would like to create a friendly mini-volcano, head over to Scope and recreate their DIY (Do It Yourself) volcano experiment.     Volcano Experiment

Electrifying Science!

A big thank you to Nathan from the University of Newcastle who joined us yesterday to present his amazing science show to Stage 3 students. Nathan works with the team who develop the Science and Engineering Challenge, which we attend each year. He kindly offered to present his science show to us which was all about electricity. Students enjoyed some exciting experiments including the Van De Graff generator, a plasma ball and a coal fire demonstration. Students also got to spend some hands-on time using some of the equipment. 


Today our Stage 3 girls had a special visit from engineering students from the University of Newcastle as part of the Robogals program. We had a great time learning about different types of engineering and programming robots to perform a variety of tasks. This fantastic opportunity is aimed at promoting female participation in engineering as currently only 10% of engineers are women. Go girls!


Thanks to the wonderful uni students who joined us today.


What an awesome way to celebrate National Science Week – with our very own starry night in the lower hall, thanks to the visiting Planetarium from the Newcastle Museum, organised by our wonderful Mrs Bowman. A big thank you to Emma from the museum for sharing her amazing scientific knowledge with us this afternoon and showing us how to map the stars. I was very impressed with the range of excellent questions and answers from OC students, in particular Nelson, Oliver and Dan – definitely some future scientists and astronomers in our midst!



Let the Sun Shine!

Thanks to the beautiful sunny weather today, the OC were finally able to compete in their solar cart race challenge. A big thank you to Dr Graeme Puxty, our Scientists in Schools partner, who helped students construct their carts at the end of last term and joined us today for our official midday race. Students also had a great time customising their vehicles in the lead up to the race, using lots of striking designs and a fair bit of glitter! Well done to Max, Adrian, Oliver and Zane who had the fastest cart during today’s race. Thanks again to Dr Graeme for providing some terrific prizes – CSIRO Rubik’s cubes! We look forward to our next class visit in Term 4.

ICAS Science and Computer Skills

Congratulations to our students who participated in the 2014 ICAS Science and Computer Skills competitions. Students received their results and certificates at today’s assembly.

Well done to our Science participants: Adrian – participation; Nelson – credit; Sarah – credit; Lachlan – distinction (top 4%); Eva – distinction (top 6%); and Dan – high distinction (top 1% and our Principal’s award recipient).

Our Computer Skills participants: Zane – credit; Max – credit; Nelson – credit; Lachlan – credit; Sarah – credit; Eva – distinction (top 8%); Dan – distinction (top 8%); and Adrian – distinction (top 8% and our Principal’s award recipient).

Solar Powered Science!

Today we had a visit from our Scientist in Schools partner, Dr Graeme Puxty, who helped us make some awesome solar powered carts. Students enjoyed the challenge of working in teams to construct their carts and also began creatively ‘customising’ their vehicles with some unique designs and a variety of materials. A big thank you to Graeme for sharing his time and expertise with our class today. We look forward to seeing him first day back next term for a sunny midday race!

Mad Scientists!

Australian Geographic recently held a competition where you could win $250 for your school. All you had to do is dress up like a Mad Scientist!

So when this competition popped up I immediately thought of our wonderful Mrs Bowman – not only is she a science buff but also loves to dress up.

Earlier this week she recruited the help of Rory and Dan to dress up as a Mad Scientist and “lab experiment”.

We had a hilarious time during our photo shoot – yes that is a jelly brain. Below is a slideshow of their Mad Scientist antics as they were let loose on the playground at recess. The entry that we have entered into the competition is…


Fingers crossed that we have the winning entry. I’ll keep you posted!