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Dr Jarad!

A huge thank you to the amazing Dr Jarad Martin who visited our class this week to share his wonderful knowledge  and expertise in mathematics. Students learnt about Fermi problems and used this technique to work out a range of interesting problems, including how many hairs on the average OC students’ head!

Welcome back Dr Jarad!

Today we received a special visit from our class mathematician, Dr Jarad Martin. As part of the Mathematicians in Schools program, Jarad has been visiting the OC for many years now, sharing his knowledge, expertise and insight of how maths can be applied in a variety of fields and careers. For our first visit of 2018, Jarad took students through a range of problems, focusing on different problem solving strategies and techniques. We look forward to more visits throughout the year and thank Jarad for sharing his time, enthusiasm and expertise with us. 

OC Celebrities!

Click on the link below to visit the Newcastle Herald site to read an article published today about our Mathematicians in Schools partnership with Dr Jarad Martin.

Dr Jarad article

A couple of weeks ago the Herald visited us to interview me, Jarad and some of the students. It’s great to read such a positive article about our partnership that also highlights the importance of maths and science in schools. Well done to the photogenic Vinnie, Sachin and Sia!



Today the OC had a visit from our Mathematicians in Schools (MiS) partner, Dr Jarad Martin. Dr Jarad, a doctor from the Calvary Mater hospital, visits our class each term to share his knowledge and expertise in mathematics with our students. Today, we looked at different types of numbers, famous mathematicians and theories. Well done to our students for their participation and to Jarad for donating his time to us. We look forward to seeing him next term.


Marvellous Maths!

Yesterday our class had a visit from our Mathematicians in Schools parnter, Dr Jarad Martin, who presented a session about order in numbers. Students had a great discussion about different types of numbers including prime numbers, natural numbers, integers, complex numbers and rational numbers. They also learnt about an amazing mathematician, Terry Tao and the Green – Tao theorem. Thanks so much to Dr Jarad for sharing his time and expertise with our class. We look forward to seeing him next term.


Mathematicians in Schools

Today the OC received a visit from our Mathematicians in Schools (MiS) partner, Dr Jarad Martin.

Dr Jarad, who works at the Calvary Mater Hospital, has been involved in the MiS program for several years and volunteers his time to share his enthusiasm and expertise in mathematics with our students.

During today’s session, students learnt about Isaac Newton and Einstein and their importance in the history of science and mathematics. Dr Jarad also shared an interesting story about the mathematician who solved the Poincare Conjecture and we looked at fractional dimensions and examples of fractals in nature.

A huge thank you to Dr Jarad for visiting us today. We look forward to seeing him again next term.


awesome fractal example

awesome fractal example