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Student Leaders 2016

This morning we announced our top 6 student leaders for 2016. Congratulations to Vincent, Sia, Zion, Phoebe, Jonte and Lyric. In 2 weeks, these 6 students will present their speech to the whole school for the voting of captains. I would also like to congratulate all the Yr 5s who put themselves forward and exhibited excellent leadership qualities. 


Leading the Way

Well done to all of our Year 5 students for their effort and participation in our student leadership sessions over the past 2 weeks. Students discussed some great ideas about what makes a good leader and also demonstrated personal examples of these qualities. I was impressed to see so many students have a go, be brave and present quality reasons.

Following our leadership session yesterday, Year 5 voted to select the top 6 students to represent them as 2015 student leaders. Congratulations to Lachlan, Joseph, Dan, Heidi, Sarah and Quinn.

These students will now begin working on their speeches and campaign, ready to present to the whole school on Wednesday 26th November at 9.30am. Congratulations to our final 6 and well done to everyone who had a go.


Student Leaders

Congratulations to Rory from the OC who was voted as our School Captain for 2014! We know he will do an amazing job as a school leader and wish him all the best. Well done also to Ethan, Eva and Demaris who are our 2014 Vice Captains.


Captain Rory!


Future Leaders!

Congratulations and well done to Eva, Demaris, Rory and Ethan  from the OC who presented their student leadership speeches to the whole school last week. They did an amazing job making it very tough for all our voters. Good luck to all 6 students running for captain!


Mackenzie, Eva and Demaris


Ethan C, Rory and Joseph

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