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Today saw the culmination of our annual Thinkfest program! Students showcased their talents, creativity and problem-solving skills at our host school New Lambton South PS. It’s been a huge amount of work: making props, writing scripts, maintaining a visual diary, painting backdrops, having fun and making lots of mess! Our efforts were rewarded today with a win for our English team, Best Visual Diary, Highly Commended for Enthusiasm and Best Backdrop. Our History team received awards for Best Prop and Best Backdrop. Our Maths team received Best Skit Solution and Science also received Best Backdrop. Congratulations to Ember who was recognised as Best ‘Thinkfester’ for her outstanding effort, leadership and contribution to this year’s program. Well done everyone – a terrific result!


Reconciliation Artworks

This term as part of our History unit on Aboriginal Culture, students designed and created posters to represent reconciliation. Well done!

Murrook Culture Excursion

Year 5 and 6 students attended the Murrook Culture Centre today as part of their Aboriginal History unit this term. They participated in a variety of activities, including Aboriginal Totem Art with RachelBush Medicine and Tucker, Aboriginal Artefacts, Worimi History and Boomerang throwing. It was a fantastic opportunity for students to learn about Worimi culture from Worimi men and women. Thank you to Mrs Bowman for organising today’s excursion and a special thank you to Kristy Pascoe for giving up her time to come along with us today. Enjoy the photos from our day.

Interview Task

Well done to all students for the settled and productive way they have started the year. Below is an interview task that links with our History unit this term,  for students to complete at home and present in class next week. Regular homework will begin next week.

Stage 3 Voting

This term Stage 3 have been learning all about Government in preparation for our Canberra excursion next term. To finish off our unit we held a Stage 3 vote in the Upper Hall with polling booths and a custom made THPS electoral roll. A big thank you to Mrs Bowman for organising this activity. Check out the photos below!

Sydney Excursion

Well done to everyone who attended our Sydney excursion on Friday. We had a terrific day participating in programs at the Botanical Gardens and Hyde Park Barracks as a culmination to our History unit Australia as a Nation. Thank you to our parent helpers, Megan and Michelle, who did a great job helping out throughout the day. Enjoy the school holidays!

Mysteries of History!

Today students in the OC went on an excursion to the Newcastle Museum to participate in the Mysteries of History program as the culmination of our HSIE topic Enigmas. Students were able to demonstrate their fantastic investigative and research skills to solve problems and looked at some remarkable local artefacts. We also enjoyed a visit to the Supernova exhibition and the BHP lightshow. A big thank you to Emma Best who delivered our program today. Well done to our students for their enthusiastic participation!

MsArmstrong's mysteries of history album on Photobucket

Face to a Name Project

Today the OC had a special visit from Mrs Bronwyn Law to introduce the Face to a Name Project that our students will be participating in. Face to a Name is a school based research project that traces the stories of war veterans whose names appear on our school Honour Board and local community war memorials sites. The research identifies a face and a story behind those names, personalising and localising war history for students, revealing the journey from school to the battlefront and the impact of war on the local community.

Mrs Bronwyn Law is an education specialist and community advocate in Newcastle. She will be assisting our students and community with the undertaking of this project.

If you have a relative who fought in World War 1 and this person attended Tighes Hill Public School, we would love to hear your story. You can contact us at school or Mrs Bronwyn Law on 0408271507.

Cooper with Mrs Bronwyn Law. Cooper is dressed in Mrs Law’s grandfather’s uniform from World War 1.