OC Events

What’s happening next in the OC? Listed below are some of the events taking place including excursions, class visits, competitions and much more!

Watch this space for more details.

 Term 4

Week 1

Monday 14th October – Students return for Term 4!

Tuesday 15th October -Y3-6 assembly 2pm hosted by 6B

Friday 18th October -CEP filming day

Week 2

Tuesday 22nd October – PE & Library

– Y3-6 assembly 2pm hosted by 5T

Wednesday 23rd October – Bandfest

-Choir 8.30am

Thursday 24th October – OC 2020 Orientation 5pm

Friday 25th October – Band 8am

– Interschool Chess Challenge Finals!

– World Teacher’s Day!

Week 3 

Monday 28th October– Children’s University Graduation 4pm

– Chess Coaching

Tuesday 29th October – Y3-6 assembly 2pm hosted by 5/6W

– PE & Library

Wednesday 30th October – Camp Quality Puppet Show

-Y3-6 Choir 8.30am

Thursday 31st October – CEP Digital Media Festival 4.30pm @ Callaghan Wallsend Campus

– Band 8am

Week 4 

Monday 4th November– Chess Coaching

-P&C Meeting 6pm

Tuesday 5th November – Y3-6 assembly 2pm hosted by 4S

– PE & Library

Wednesday 6th November– Y3-6 Choir 8.30am

-Junior Chess finals (Team A) at PCYC Broadmeadow

-Newcastle Permanent Maths Competition awards ceremony

Friday 8th October -Band 8am

Week 5  

Monday 11th November – Chess Coaching

Tuesday 12th November– Y3-6 assembly 2pm hosted by 4S

– PE & Library

Wednesday 13th November -Choir 8.30am

Thursday 14th November – Museum Express Science Show

-Year 5 Leadership session 1

Friday 15th November -Band 8am

Week 6 

Monday 18th November -Chess Coaching

Tuesday 19th November – Y3-6 assembly 2pm hosted by 3N

– PE & Library

Wednesday 20th November – Choir 8.30am

Thursday 21st November – Year 5 Leadership session 2

Friday 22nd November Band 8am

– OC 2020 transition session 1 (9.30am-12.30pm)

Week 7 

Monday 25th November – Chess Coaching

Tuesday 26th November – Y3-6 assembly 2pm hosted by 3S

– PE & Library

Wednesday 27th November – Choir 8.30am

– OC Mini EV Solar Cart excursion

Thursday 28th November – Year 5 Leadership session 3

Friday 29th November Band 8am

-OC Thinkfest excursion

Week 8

Monday 2nd December -Chess Coaching

– P&C meeting 6pm

Tuesday 3rd December – Y3-6 assembly 2pm hosted by 5/6A!

– PE & Library

– Thank you morning tea for parent helpers/volunteers

Wednesday 4th December – Choir 8.30am

-OC 2020 transition visit 2 (9.30am-12.30pm)

Thursday 5th December– Colour Run

Friday 6th December -Band 8am

-2020 Student Leaders Captain Speeches 9.20am

– Year 6 boys Walk A Mile Koori Style

Week 9

Monday 9th December – Chess Coaching

-Hall of Fame & 2020 Captain announcement

Tuesday 10th December Presentation Day 9.30am

Thursday 12th December- Year 6 Farewell 5.45pm

Friday 13th December – Reports sent home

Week 10

Monday 16th December -Stage 3 Reward Day excursion

Tuesday 17th December – Christmas Carols 4.30pm

Wednesday 18th December Last day of school for students for 2019!

Year 6 clap out 2.45pm


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