A huge thank you to Jane for continuing the Year 6 Art Cave tie-dye tradition. Students did a fantastic job making their shirts! Just remember to not wash them with the whites.

Farewell Year 6 2016

What a fantastic time we all had last night celebrating our graduating Year 6 students! Lots of gorgeous outfits, fun dancing and beautiful memories shared by staff and students. Have a look at the photos below and you can also watch the hilarious and heartwarming film Mrs Bowman and our Year 6 students made. Thank you Year 6. All the best for high school and we will miss you dearly next year 🙁

Farewell Year 6 :(

Thank you to everyone who joined us to farewell our Year 6 students last Thursday night. We had a great night, lots of dancing and a few tears during the student powerpoint presentation. The photos from our photo booth are below as well as a video of the flashmob. Congratulations, Year 6! We will miss you.

Yr 5/6 Fair

Thank you to everyone who supported our Yr 5/6 Fair on the last day of term. It was a huge success, with students doing a fantastic job running their stalls and having lots of fun. We raised over $1500 which goes towards our Yr 6 school gift and farewell. Have a look below at some of the great photos from the day.

Save the date – our Year 6 Farewell is on Thursday 10th December beginning at 5.45pm.

Year 6 Farewell

Glitter Words

Thank you to all the students who came along to our Year 6 Farewell last week. We all had a great time and I was so impressed with the excellent behaviour, dancing and flashmob performance! Below are some photos, including the ones from the photo booth.  If you would like a copy of these or the final PowerPoint presentation, please bring in a USB next week and I’ll copy them on for you. Also, if anybody managed to film the flashmob, I’d love a copy.

A few final thanks – to Miss Staniland for her baking efforts creating a magnificent cake (what am I going to do without you next year???); to the wonderful people from Islington Baptist Church for allowing us to use your hall and equipment; to all the staff for their attendance and help; Mrs West for her amazing work organising our flashmob; Miss Beker for her help setting up the hall; and to all the wonderful parents for your lovely comments and feedback and great support.

Year 6 Farewell


Well done to our students who attended the Year 6 Farewell last night. A great night was had by all as you can see from the great variety of photos below. Enjoy!

A big thank you to all the parents and staff who helped with food and set up. You’re amazing!