Tuesday Treat!

Congratulations to all of our students who achieved 80% of their stars this term and participated in an amazing star card reward day today. Mrs Bowman did a super job organising this term’s event. There was a range of great activities including apple-bobbing, skipping, a disco, ice blocks, gladiators, teacher target practice, three-legged race and many more! Well done to the OC who were super helpers setting up and assisting the younger students. A terrific day was had by all!

Terrific Term 2!

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Today we celebrated a terrific term of student achievement with Star Card Reward Day and our Principal’s Personal Best morning tea. Students who achieved 80% of their stars this term got to enjoy a mufti day, movie session, popcorn and a hotdog lunch! Well done to our Principal’s Personal Best recipients this term – Rory and Chris – who enjoyed a hot buffet of yummy treats.



Thank you to all the students in the OC for all their effort and hard work this term! I look forward to a busy and exciting Term 3. Have a super holiday. School resumes for students on Tuesday 16th July.

Star Card Reward Day

Well done to the students who achieved 80% of stars this term and attended the Star Card Reward Day on the final day of term. As you can see from the photos below, students enjoyed dressing in mufti, participating in a variety of games and eating ice blocks!

MsArmstrong's Star Card Reward Day T1 album on Photobucket

Have a lovely holiday and see you next term! School resumes for students on Wednesday 1st May.