Maths Olympiads!

Congratulations to all students in the OC for their outstanding effort and hard work during the APSMO Maths Olympiads and Maths Games programs these past 2 terms. These challenging programs require a high level of application and problem solving skills and students should be very proud of their fantastic results.

Maths Games
1st Place: Noah K, 2nd Place: Layla, Equal 3rd Place: Liana & Oscar, 5th Place: Raquel
Maths Olympiads
1st Place: Noah K, 2nd Place: Oscar, 3rd Place: Eleanor, 4th Place: Hamish, Equal 5th Place: Layla & Amie

A special mention to Liana for receiving this year’s Special Achievement/ Encouragement Award for her outstanding effort and commitment during the program, and to Noah K who received a Perfect Scorer medal for his amazing result (only 1% of the 31,388 participants achieved this!)


Congratulations to the maths superstars of the OC who were eagerly awaiting today’s presentation of results and awards of the APSMO Maths Games and Maths Olympiads. 

Well done to Sachin and Zander who tied for 1st place in the Maths Games competition and achieved within the top 10% of all participants. Terrific achievements from Patrick, Noah and Sam who also placed in the top 10%. Other excellent results from Ember (top 20%), Oscar (top 25%), Layla (top 25%), Liana (top 30%), Duncan (top 30%), Freya (top 40%), Chloe (top 40%), Eleanor (top 40%), Calvin (top 50%) and Vincent (top 50%).

A huge congratulations to Patrick, crowned the winner of this year’s very challenging Maths Olympiad! Well done to Sam who placed 2nd and Noah who placed 3rd (all 3 students placing in the top 10%). Other exemplary results from Zander (top 20%), Oscar (top 40%), Sachin (top 40%), Layla (top 50%), Blade (top 50%) and Calvin (top 50%). A special mention to Sachin who also received an award for his effort and application during the Olympiads – very impressive progress in maths this year!

Well done to all the OC who worked very hard during both these competitions this year! I can’t wait to see what 2017 brings!




Maths Champions!

Congratulations to all of our students who have taken part in the variety of mathematics challenges and competitions this year.

Today students received their results for the Australian Maths Competition. Well done to Cai, Elsie, Sachin, Freya and Patrick who achieved a Proficiency certificate. We had many students achieve a Credit: well done to Adrian, Joseph, Jack, Max, Zane, Sia and Sam. Congratulations to our students who achieved a Distinction – Lachlan (%rank 88), Dan (%rank 94) and Sarah (%rank 97).

All students in the OC took part in APSMO’s Maths Games and Maths Olympiads and this year we achieved some excellent results. Congratulations to Joe who was our winner of the Maths Games, finishing with a perfect score and placing in the top 2% of all participants. Well done to Pat who came 2nd, placing in the top 10% and to Dan, Sarah and Mikayla who came equal 3rd.  Congratulations to Lachlan who was our winner of the Maths Olympiad, placing in the top 10% of all participants. Well done to Pat and Jack who came equal 2nd placing in the top 20%. A fantastic achievement.



Maths Maestros!

Congratulations to all the OC students who have been working really hard in maths throughout this term, in a range of problem solving contests and competitions. 

Everyone has been taking part in the APSMO Maths Olympiad (which is very challenging) and a new component this year, the Maths Games, which is the same format of problem solving questions, but not quite as difficult. Students will continue to participate in both Maths Games and Olympiads into next term.

A group of our students have also taken part in the AMC Challenge, which is a different problem solving program where students get to work in small groups to complete tasks. Today, some of our students completed their problems, and were quite pleased with themselves (as evident in the photo below!).


Maths Champions!

Today at our assembly we celebrated some amazing achievements by our students in mathematics.

The Newcastle Permanent Maths competition was held last term with over 16,000 students from 294 schools take part. All our students in years 5 and 6 had the opportunity to participate. We received terrific results with 3 students placing in the top 100 of their grade and earning a high distinction. Congratulations to Lachlan who came 5th, Dan 17th and Eva 44th. Lachlan will also recieve a district prize at a special ceremony on Wednesday for his fantastic results.

We also had many of our students place in the top 15% earning themselves a distinction. Well done to Zane, Jack, Joseph, Joe, Sarah, Heidi, Adrian, Lucas, Noah and Dayna.

Students who placed in the top 30% received a certificate of merit. Congratulations to Max, Cala, Declan, Demaris and Rory.



Students also received their achievement certificates for the Australasian Problem Solving Maths Olympiad. This year over 30,000 students took part in the junior division. Well done to Max, who received our encouragement award for his effort and application during the olympiads. Congratulations to Dayna, Eva and Max who placed in the top 25% of all participants. This year the scores were very close within our team. Well done to Lachlan and Dan who tied for highest individual score and also placed in the top 10% of all participants. Fantastic results!


Super Maths Stars!

Today at our Principal’s Personal Best assembly many of our OC students were recognised for their amazing achievements in the Newcastle Permanent Maths Competition and the Australian Maths Olympiad.









This year over 18,000 students participated in the Newcastle Permanent Maths Competition. Congratulations to Cooper who achieved a High Distinction and placed 32nd in the Year 6 division. Well done to Chris, Frank, Allan, Mitch, Eva and Demaris who placed in the top 15% earning themselves a Distinction. Congratulations also to Heather, Callum, Ethan B, Samantha, Rory and Declan who placed in the top 30% achieving a Merit.

In this year’s Maths Olympiad over 30,000 students took part in the Junior Division. Congratulations to Cooper who was awarded with the highest individual score trophy, a top 10% achiever metal pin and a top 25% achiever cloth patch. Well done to Mitch who also received a top 25% achiever cloth patch for scoring in the top 20% of all participants. This year’s Encouragement Award was presented to Amy for her effort and improvement throughout the Olympiads. Well done everyone!

Let the Games Begin!

Next term students in the OC will be taking part in the Australian Maths Olympiad competition. The Olympiads consist of 5 separate contests that take place from May to September. The cost is $6.00 per student. There are lots of great prizes to be won including a medal for the class champion. Notes were sent home last week and there is also a copy attached below. Let the games begin!

Maths Olympiad note