ICAS Science & Digital Technologies

Well done to everyone who took part in this year’s ICAS Science and Digital Technologies competitions. Students received their certificates today at our weekly assembly and there were some very impressive results!


Participation – Grayson, Ty, Ember, Eleanor (top 49%) and Blade (top 49%)

Merits – Eliza (top 37%), Griffin (top 43%), Duncan (top 43%) and Amie (top 43%)

Credits – Celeste (top 19%), Chelsea (top 32%), Fin (top 12%), Dexter (top 32%), Emma (top 21%) and Sam (top 30%)

Distinctions – Raquel (top 5%), William (top 8%), Oscar (top 2%) and Noah K (top 2%). Principal Awards to Noah K and Oscar!

Digital Technologies

Participation – Eliza, Ty and Fin (top 50%)

Merits – Duncan (top 45%)

Credits – Emma (top 19%), Raquel  (top 26%), Grayson (top 19%), Jayden (top 34%), William (top 13%), Amie (top 26%), Ember (top 20%), Griffin (top 20%), Blade (top 20%), Eleanor (top 36%) and Sam (top 36%)

Distinctions – Dexter (top 8%), Celeste (top 6%) and Oscar (top 2%)

High Distinction & Principal’s Award – Noah K (top 1%)

Hour of Code

On Monday the OC received a special visit from our favourite computer science guru, Dr Elena Prieto, from the University of Newcastle. Dr Elena joined us to take part in the Hour of Code, a global movement aimed at reaching tens of millions of students to introduce them to computer programming and encourage them to learn how to code. We had a great time completing a variety of online tutorials (there’s even a Frozen one!) and thank Dr Elena for sharing her time with us. So far, over 57, 530, 240 people have tried an Hour of Code, including President Barack Obama! Well done to the OC for taking part.


Maths – Computer Programming

Today we had our last visit from Dr Elena Preito-Rodriguez from the University of Newcastle.

Dr Elena has visited our class numerous times during the term to teach us all about maths in technology. Students have enjoyed participating in a variety of tasks that have involved learning about binary numbers and deciphering codes.

Today the students put their knowledge and skills to the test and had a go at some computer programming using tablets with an app called Lightbot (free from the app store). This involved programming commands for a cute little robot around a geometric grid.

A big big thank you to Elena for giving up her valuable time to work with us this term. We have really appreciated her effort, expertise and entertaining lessons. We look forward to catching up with her for some more mathematical magic later in the year.

Tech Stars!

Congratulations to our OC students who took part in the DEC Tech Stars Challenge this term. The aim of the challenge was to create an infographic  that explained ‘why the angry birds transformed their abilities in space’. Students had to consider new names, descriptions, abilities, strengths and weaknesses. Below are examples of some of the fantastic infographics students created. Well done!

Heather Angry Birds Space

Allan & Chris

rory graham angry birds

Class Dojo Contest

Well done to the students who entered the Class Dojo contest this week. The aim was to design a poster to show how Class Dojo has helped them to grow. The winning entry receives an iPad for the classroom so fingers crossed. Below are a few of the glogs students made for this contest. They look amazing!