Disco Fever!

Well done to everyone who came along to our disco last night. We had a great time as you can see in the photos below. Thank you to Miss Drew for organising this event and to DJ Mix-a-lot for flying in from England to party with us!

Disco Disco!

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Thanks to everyone who came along to our disco on Tuesday night. It was great to see so many spooky Halloween costumes and super dance moves. Check out all the photos from the night below.

Disco Fever!

What a great night! Well done to everyone who attended our disco this evening. It was great to see so many fabulous outfits including Madonna, Kanye West, KISS, Jimi Hendrix, Michael Jackson and even Nicki Minaj! Thanks to everyone who made a super effort and enjoyed themselves. Check out the photos below!

Disco Time!

Just a reminder that our SRC disco is on tomorrow night! If you haven’t bought your ticket yet, it’s not too late, we’ll be selling them in the morning before school at the silver seats. Thanks to Joe and Dan who have been doing a wonderful job organising this each day. Below are some great disco posters made by the very creative Mrs Bowman (and photoshop). Can you recognise your favourite teachers?


Kerrie Gaga Disco Poster

saturday-night junon-poster2

Disco Fever!

What a super night! Well done to all the students who attended the SRC disco in the upper hall this evening. We were very lucky to receive a visit from world-famous guest DJ Mix-a-lot, all the way from London! It was great to see everyone busting their best moves in their PJs and onesies. Some impressive skills demonstrated early on in the first dance-off from break dancing Joe, shimmying Rory, groovy Noah and crumping Dan. It was also good to see many kids getting into the classics like the Nutbush and YMCA – super moves from Demaris, Liam and Heidi. The Limbo was another favourite – great back bending from Adrian, Cala and Sarah. A shout out also to Joseph for the most stylish onesie; Zane for being the most photographed; Jack for his enthusiastic jumping; Declan for his hugs; and Max, Nelson and Oliver for being the cool kids at the back! Congratulations to Lucas, who was crowned Lord of the Dance tonight – very well deserved as he danced away all night long! Great work everyone for having fun and enjoying yourselves. I’m sure you’ll all sleep well tonight!

A big thank you to all the SRC members for selling tickets each morning and to Miss Staniland for her great organisation and for taking lots of photos. How disappointing that Mrs Bowman couldn’t make it to the disco tonight – I’m sure she would’ve had a great time and enjoyed meeting our guest DJ.

Disco Fever

Thanks to our wonderful students who supported the SRC disco last night. There were certainly some very bright and shiny costumes and some creative dance moves taking place. Well done for making a super effort to make this event such a success. A great time was had by all as you’ll certainly see in the photos below!

MsArmstrong's Disco 2013 album on Photobucket

Disco Fever!


Come along to our SRC School Disco this Wednesday 28th August!

Tickets cost $5

Primary session begins at 6pm – 7.30pm

Prizes for best dressed – this year’s theme Bright and Shiny