Children’s University: September Challenge

A reminder for all our Children’s University students that passport hours need to be finalised by the end of Week 9 (Friday 21/9/18).

Why not get a head start on the yummy September Challenge (below) or have a go at the Book Week activity.

September Challenge

Everyone loves to eat, and everyone has a meal that they love more than any other. How many of us know how to cook, though? Your challenge for this month is to prepare your favourite recipe and share it with us. When you share, make sure you tell us why you love this meal so much and include a photo of the finished product, or even some video footage! Remember to get help from an adult if you’re using dangerous utensils or equipment in the kitchen. Be sure to take evidence to your in school CUA Coordinator for a stamp in your passport. Time allocated is at the discretion of the in school CUA Coordinator. We can’t wait to see what you create!

Children’s University: after school session

Thank you and well done to all of our Children’s University students who attended our after school learning session this afternoon. A huge thank you to our amazing parent volunteers; Elena, Sarah, Bec and Brooke! We are so lucky to have incredibly talented and generous parents to give their time and share their expertise. The kids had a ball!

Campus Day Exploration!

Well done to all of our Children’s University students who attended the Campus Open Day on Tuesday. We had a great time exploring the uni and taking part in lots of great activities including sport, architecture, psychology and environmental science. A huge thank you to all the wonderful parents who came along and got involved.

Children’s University

Just a reminder – next Tuesday 3rd June is our CU Campus Day!

There are lots of events taking place for CU kids to get involved in if you need help filling your passport. Have a look below…

Event Cinemas Fundraiser for Hunter Wetlands – Film Screening of Jurassic Park and Talk from Palaeontologist –

Five Lands Walk –

Celebrating Unity in Diversity –

Whale Count –

Africa Day –

Connect to Country and Aboriginal Market Day –

Blacksmiths’ Repair Day –

Refugees Welcome Picnic –

Children’s University – June Challenge!


To coincide with World Environment Day – Your challenge for the month of June is to re-purpose any plastic household items into something completely new! You might create a pencil pot, a wind chime, a bird feeder, a herb planter, or an outdoor sprinkler…..your options are endless! Use your imagination to come up with something useful and creative.

Remember we always love seeing you show off your amazing work on our CUA Facebook Page! Also, check out our CUA Pinterest page for lots of awesome recycling/upcycyling ideas and step-by-step guides.

Take your creation or evidence such as photos to your in-school CUA coordinator – time allocated for the challenge will be at the discretion of the coordinator.

Go beat plastic pollution!

World Environment Day is June 5th, and the 2018 theme is ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’. You can visit the World Environment Day Website for more information.

Children’s University – April Challenge

April Online Challenge – Camouflage occurs when objects are disguised so they cannot be seen easily. In their natural environment, animals have developed colours that enable them to blend into their environment, for example, a tiger’s stripes. This is mostly so they cannot be seen by other animals that might prey on and eat them. Humans also utilise camouflage to their advantage. For example, our ANZACs wear uniforms designed to help them blend in to their surroundings so that they cannot be spotted by the enemy. 

Your challenge for this month is to choose an environment from around the world (it could be snow, a desert, the rainforest or your school) and then design an outfit which you could wear to camouflage yourself. You can choose to draw, cut and paste pictures or even create and wear the outfit yourself! Be sure to share the outfit and the environment on the CUA Facebook page! Take evidence such as photos or drawings to Ms Armstrong & Mrs Schonberger – time allocated for the challenge will be at our discretion.