Blogging Rules

Blogging can be loads of fun but we must ensure that we use it wisely and abide by the rules. It is important that you learn through this experience to be good digital citizens.

The rules are as follows:
• Only make posts and comments that you will be proud to stand behind as your own. Your name and email is used for them so be careful. Blogs are public so you never know whose sister, grandmother, little cousin could be viewing your pages and reading your work.
• Never use your own full name or anyone elses full name on here. Just use your first name or if someone else has the same name as you, use your first name and last initial. Posts or comments with full names will not be published.
• Don’t post pictures, videos or information about others without their permission first.
• Never give away any personal information (phone numbers, passwords, home addresses etc).
• Only ever use your school email address on here and when signing up for web2.0 applications.
• Write with correct spelling, punctuation and grammar. This is a showcase of your work. Blogs are not the same as text messages or tweets. They are the modern version of news stories. A journalist wouldn’t last very long if they wrote, ‘OMG, 2day we went on xcursion 2 opera house @ sydney,’ now would they?
• Don’t post negative comments or rumours about others. Remember you will always be held accountable for whatever you write.
• Never post anything that might lead to your identity being revealed. Instead of saying ” My name is Sarah and I am playing tennis at Bar Beach at 2pm on Saturday”, you should say “My name is Sarah and I am playing tennis near the beach this weekend.”
• If you do happen to find anything on here that upsets you or makes you feel uncomfortable, email or see Ms Armstrong straight away so she can address it.
Remember: This site is completely moderated by Ms Armstrong so all posts and comments are checked before being approved.
If you follow these rules, blogging will be an enjoyable and safe part of school life. Happy blogging kids!

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