5 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge: T4 Wk 3

  1. I’d go to Pompeii before the eruption. I think it would be cool/interesting to see what it really looked like back then compared to now

  2. going back in time to see the dinosaurs and to see what colour they are or to see how animals evolved(wether slowly or quickly)

  3. i would go back to the time when dinosaurs lived because I feel like it would be really interesting to see them. or I would go back to pompeii before it erupted in the years before.

  4. I would go back in time to when I didn’t get of the boat on my cruise for one of our destinations because the last one was boring. My parents went and when they came back they showed me the pictures of the things they could of got me which was amazing! They even had V.R!!!!!

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