6 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge: T3 Wk7

  1. I walk past the ginormous, bustling warehouse . The sign on the outside says “ everything must go! Half price sales on now!” Is it really true? I walk into the warehouse to find shelves upon shelves crammed with a plethora of different objects, all of which are half price.

  2. I wake up and step outside, only to see, a bunch of bright eyed kids with shiny white teeth smiling non-stop. I walk up and ask if they’re ok, but they keep on smiling.

  3. I go to MacDonald’s and the advertisement that the chips are $1 but the chips are spread evenly in the cup and floating there. How is that even possible? But apparently a video on YouTube shows that they use toothpicks to hold the chips in place so they stay without falling. So I buy a cup and it really is true, the chips are floating there. What a strange day.

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