Blogging Challenge: T3 Wk2

Welcome back to our weekly blogging challenge. This term we’re learning how to write engaging and exciting informative texts. Use the fun fact below to create a sizzling start!

3 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge: T3 Wk2

  1. I pick up a small elegent flower and notice a small yellow stripy speck inside. I take a closer look and realise it’s a bee! Fun fact, bees sometimes fall asleep in flowers whilst collecting nectar

  2. Would you just love to snuggle up and cosy down in the soft, yellow belly of a cute flower. Move around the powdery pollen stems. Well bees have that very privilege! when collecting pollen bees sometimes fall right asleep in the flower!

  3. The bee flits from flower to flower, collecting the sweet pollen. It comes to a stop at a dandelion and starts its work on the flower. The majestic insect suddenly falls down, almost looking dead, making it a perfect lunch target for a hungry bee-eater. A lonely feather floats down to the ground as the bird dives for it’s lunch but fortunately the bee is wide awake and racing away from the ravenous bee-eater. Isn’t it cute how sometimes when bees are out gathering nectar, they will fall asleep in the flowers?

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