6 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge: T2 Wk8

  1. it turns out that the world is flat and there’s literally nothing beneath us, scientists say that at the edge of the world you can see space and the water just stops at the edge of the world, scientists have proven it by going to the edge of the world and undergoing experiments over there. Scientists say that compasses maulfunction at the edge of the world, does this mean that this is the next bemuda triangle?

  2. We’re all really dead and this our life “flashing before our eyes” but it’s really slow so you can actually see what happened before you died.

  3. School is fake outside of NSW and every ad we see is a lie and just CGI or props. Other schools you see in real life are fake structures coated with holograms and lies! Once we finish school and those proper inside of NSW high schools we will all be brainwashed and join in the fake school spree. This is because NSW is the only ones to give kids school so that they may be the smartest state in the world! WAKE UP SHEEPLE!

  4. We are all dead. The puppets are from our “before life” and they now rule over Hell. ( the nice ones like Oscar the Grouch rule over Heaven)

  5. Reincarnation could not work for if you could not remember your past life you would not be able to experience anything or at least you would not notice it so nothing would happen or at least in a flash thousands upon thousands of years would be over in a second also how do animals go extinct if they come back to life huh?

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