5 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge: T2 Wk5

  1. A jet pack that loads of people use to fly around. It would make getting to places quicker and easier. It would also be helpful to old people.

  2. A device which could make agree with each other effectively taking out war and arguments ending in pain, punishment or war

  3. An item that could mould itself into quite a few useful items like food or a bike or an extra quilt . If i could i’d make it cheap enough for all people to afford.

  4. Automatic AI that does math and other important things like calculation,when a delivery man is coming or other people are coming etc,the idea was from iron man’s Jarvis the AI.

  5. I’d invent a machine that brings you whatever you want, you’d press a button and then it would show up in front of you. This way people could be more lazy

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