4 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge: Term 2 Wk4

  1. I stand on the twisted mass of rock and tree, surveying the peaceful scene in front of me, water licking the sun baked rocks, a lioness prowling the banks for a food willing to venture to the surface. But not all is natural, like the cool metal lines under my feet and the humans using the shadowed moonlight to sneak up on the lioness.

  2. I run as fast as a cheetah through the predator filled rain forest. I nearly trip but regain my balance. Grrr. I can hear the growl of a panther near. I don’t hesitate to sprint faster. Home can’t be far now. This feels like I have been running for an eternity.”Oh noooo! I scream as I trip over a large root sticking out of the ground. I have cut myself badly on the arm. I landed on a long sharp stick on the ground. It burns as bad as putting your arm in a nest of fire ants. I need to put the pain out of my mind and run home. I can take care of it there. I jump up and check my surroundings before I move. Out of the corner of my eye I can see a 2 metre long black panther. I don’t dare to move a mustle as I stand there in pure fright. It turns and stares right at me. It gives me the death stare before it sprints full pelt at me.

    That’s all for now.
    Will work on part 2 soon

  3. The murky water flows quietly and softly lapping around my knees . The tall trees move and whisper in the shadowy night . Cool water drains away from my toes and onto the muddy banks on the side. A faint wobbling light passes
    among the trees and ventures closer towards me outlining a black silhouette .
    I startle and try to spring to the nearest bush but a warm hand smelling of food grabs my ankle. ” time for dinner no more games ’til tomorrow!” the hands drag me into the light kitchen.

  4. BEEP!! BEEP!!,the tracking device sounds through the darkness,as the lion stalks steadily through the forest,it jumps up as a true predator and expects to see prey,but all that appears was a tiger in black and dark orange stripes,it growls among the dark,sending fear to all that stand in its way,the lion growls back with equal strength,they stare,and strike at each other,blood drools down from their limp bodies,and growls roar through the forest,they face off again and more blood goes out,they do it one more time with inferiority,and strike the head,both bleed to death,then suddenly a hunter appears with a pump shotgun,a second with a hunting rifle,they both aim their gun at the targets,they face the hunters with demon like eyes,silence rumbles,the hunter puts a finger on the trigger…

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