6 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge: T2 Wk3

  1. I would be a cockatoo. You are fast and free and playful, you are sleek and stunning. You can fly, which would be awesome. I really want to fly. It’s probably my most wished for wish.

  2. I’d be a penguin because you can go on land and underwater. You’d also live in the cold and not BE cold.

  3. I would be a cockatoo. You would be fast and free and also playful. You also don’t just eat bugs, which would be great.

  4. probably a bird that can swim you know the ones that dive and catch fish and stuff . It is a very big choice though so i’m not to sure .

  5. Probably a tardigrade because it is invincible and can survive extreme weather conditions and even a vacuum in space!!!!!!!!!

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