11 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge: T1 Wk 10

  1. basically all the things we did and the work,opportunities we had this term,also i enjoyed the maths and i’m looking forward to next term with the maths club and all that P.s do you read these during your work time?,also nice animation.

    • Hehehe… any opportunity to use a gif of a frenchie, especially a flying frenchie!
      I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed this term Mr Black Vortex. I usually read the comments whenever I get an alert and I’m on a computer.

  2. The highlight of term 1 was having the chance to thrive and use my imagination. Thank you for the term-I am SO glad that there is another!

    P.S I really love the gif!
    P.P.S Thank you all the year sixes (and year fives) for helping me out, making me feel welcome and just being flat out AWESOME!

  3. I’ve loved getting to know new people in the other classes as well as the people in 5/6 A. Loving all the involvement and group work that we do. Also love all the different opportunities and activities that we can choose from during the year.

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