13 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge: T1 Wk8

  1. Rules
    1. Don’t draw anything dangerous
    2. The maximum size is the average size of a house
    3. You must ask for permission first
    4. Follow the rules

  2. List of rules for the magic chalk:
    -No drawing harmful things.
    -Don’t steal or break the chalk
    -Don’t draw rude or offensive things

  3. 1.ask me
    2. Nothing that will waste my time
    3. You must pay a planet to ge this chalk
    4. Follow all rules relentlessly.

    • I forgot do not sell to and politician or person involved with the government or the universe which is every one except me I am a extra terrestrial from a multiverse unlike this one I was born on Arconia in the capital city of trizangulon

  4. 1.you have to have permission
    2.you are allowed any size as long as you have the space for it
    3.must not be money
    4.follow the rules

  5. i would probably draw
    1 a console(because i don’t have one).

    2 More chalk so i can’t run out

    3 some of my favourite food e.g fish eyeballs

    4 if it becomes to dangerous i would eradicate from existence

    that’s all i can think off

  6. I would draw hover boots and a ninja warrior park with a skate ramp out the back along with flying skateboard 🛹 .
    I would also draw some extinct animals like Tasmanian tigger.

  7. Rules
    1. You must ask permission before you use it
    2. You cannot draw anything rude or offensive to other people
    3. You cannot draw anything dangerous e.g guns, swords
    4. You can have big things as long as you use them carefully
    6. Have fun!

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