Blogging Challenge: T1 Wk 7

For this week’s Blogging Challenge, choose an issue/topic you’re passionate about and write a persuasive sizzling start to engage your reader.

Topics could include climate change, animals in captivity, books vs movies . Whatever inspires you to write a persuasive text!

4 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge: T1 Wk 7

  1. the dolphin swam gracefully in the water and catches the Lucius fish in his mouth he is as free as any other animal but now he’s stuck in a tank as stuck as a baby and the dolphin suffers a slow because of a broken heart

  2. You’ve had a tough morning. Your car has broken down and you can’t find your purse anywhere. But how are you going to get to work? You obviously can’t drive to work. You could get the bus. Oh, wait, it costs money to go a few kilometres, and your money is in your purse. If only public transport was free.

    The small, anxious meerkat slowly but surely creeps through the small, baron, foodless, red hot floor, hoping to find some sort of food. The meerkat does not know this, but he is about to get the scare of his life. SMACK!!!!!!! Goes the glass. “HA HA HA HA!” Goes the laughter of the little boy. He doesn’t know keeping animals in cages is bad, but the zoo manager does. But he does not care. Why? Money. That’s why.

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