10 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge: T1 Week 6

  1. No. Obviously.

    I’ve heard about enough Jurassic Park to know how dangerous it is to bring back dinosaurs. If there were dinosaurs with our human race, there probably wouldn’t BE a human race.
    Pros of having dinosaurs on our planet:
    I don’t see any. Sorry.
    Cons of having dinosaurs on our planet:
    There wouldn’t be enough food because the dinosaurs would eat it all.
    Human race would die out.
    There would be more war because there would be people trying to kill the dinosaurs and would end up probably killing each other. There could even be a nuclear war!
    What would we need THEM for?
    I don’t like the idea of dying when I’m still in primary school.

    So, I just want anyone who wants to create this Jurassic JUNK to NOT go ahead! I’ll say that again-NOT go ahead! NOT!


    Created and published by Oscar Grønhaug. Batteries not included.

  2. anyway here’s the list in order,no I don’t think it’s a good idea it reminds(connection)me of the top 10 animals that should not be brought back, take the megalodon for example it has enough bite force to crush a small car and it wouldn’t think twice about human meat,also it has great camouflage,so it makes it conspicuous ,anyway if we did it might imbalance the food chain,starve(unless it evolves and adapts the new conditions)cause to much eradication,the world would be in chaos,here’s the pros,good education,good experience to learn,I maybe imaginative about this one but here it is :riding on dinosaurs ,may bring balance to the food chain.
    cons:has a high chance of disturbing the food chain,if it evolves and adapts it might eat and bring extinction to the human race cause to much obliteration,and to much chaos.No i don’t think i would bring back the dinosaurs.I would probably be against it for the reasons I just stated and because the earth is already having a rough time(global warming,littering,power issues etc)so it will further increase on the disturbance.

  3. if yes then all the things I just stated and a few others.
    Pros, I can’t think of any yet apart from maybe controlling the dinosaur race

    Cons,may cause more eradication and chaos and bring extinction to the human faster.
    this message will not self destruct because other people need to read it .

  4. No.
    Dinasours are much bigger than humans and would most likely kill us. Although it would be easier to research them this way it’s more likely to end badly then not.

    Pros: Easier research

    Cons: The human race would die out
    There’s hardly enough room for just humans

    Jurassic Park, World and everything else doesn’t seem fun so there’s no point in making that reality become real

  5. Of course not

    Dinosaurs are more savage than us and way more bigger and aggressive. Putting them on our planet would be, simplified, suicide of the human race.
    Which, from all the pollution we’re making, could be a good thing 😛

  6. Also (forgot to add these)
    The Pros would be
    #1 Better researching materiel
    #2 They are soooo cute ;p
    #1 They are super aggressive
    #2 They are way to big for our comfort
    #3 They would kill us and the planet, the planet because the trees would not be able to grow back fats enough 🙁

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