Blogging Challenge: T1 Wk3

Welcome to our first blogging challenge for the year. Think carefully about your response and write your answers in the comment box. Remember to use correct spelling and punctuation!

If you were stranded on a desert island and were only allowed 10 items to help you survive, what would you take and why?


14 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge: T1 Wk3

  1. I would bring:
    -lifetime supply of burgers
    -filter for the salt water
    -A hospital
    -Free Wifi
    -The latest touchscreen laptop

  2. 1=a fishing net. fish is an easy source of food in the middle of nowhere.
    2=a small knife. yes, a knife I technically am not allowed it at this age but its a big helper against sharks.
    3=a big box of matches. I need warmth and light plus I need to cook that fish somehow!
    4=bug spray. this is mainly to stop any infection and disease.
    5= a hammock. I’m not sleeping on the sand!
    6=in inflatable raft with paddles. if there is a ship passing it can’t get to close to the island so I go to the bout.
    7=flashlight. this will help for my SMS* signal
    8=sunblock. I don’t want to die burning hot and with cancer.
    9=satlite phone. this is a very odd type of old phone my nanna has. al you need is a clearing to the sky and then you can connect with anyone.
    10=spear. let’s go spearfishing girl.

    btw other you need t survive you don’t get infinite snake XD

    *SMS also means Save My Soul

  3. 1. Tent- Because I do not just want to be standing in the rain, or sleeping in the rain.
    2. A bucket- So I can collect rain water.
    3. A sleeping bag- So I can stay warm in winter.
    4. Fishing Rod- So I can catch Fish to eat.
    5. Matches- I don’t want to be eating raw fish and I kinda want to keep warm (ps. I really do)
    6. A survival on a desert Island book- Because I want to know how to survive on the Island.
    7.A onesie- I had to look up how to spell this, I want to keep evenn warmer in winter when I don’t have my cozy fire.
    8. A water purifier- I want to have clean water. (Need clean water)
    9. A towel- in case I get wet.
    10. Knife- So I can cut up my fish.

  4. 1. An axe so I can chop down trees.
    2. A shovel so I can dig into the ground.
    3. A pickax so I can mine for coal, flint or steel.
    4. A HUGE solar panel.
    5. My devices so I won’t die of boredom.
    6. A charger.
    7. A book (Ten things to bring if you get stuck on a deserted island)
    8. Sunscreen so I don’t burn to death.
    9. A wishing lamp for infinite amounts of wishes, so if I break or lose anything I can wish for it.
    10. A cloth to rub the lamp with.
    the others I can wish for.
    PS-All I needed was the final two.

  5. I would take:
    Fruit and vegetable seeds
    . Warm clothes
    . Light, summer season clothes
    . A portable charger
    . Chargeable torch
    . A long, interesting book to read over and over again
    . Lots of fresh water
    . A matchbox
    . Canned foods
    . A tent

  6. 1. Food seeds
    2. Clothes, for weather
    3. Water
    4. A caravan, to live in
    5. An oven, to cook food
    6. Blankets, to stay warm
    7. Aircon, for hot weather
    8. A health kit
    9. Family
    10. Friends

  7. 1. A fishing net and crab traps.
    2. Tropical fruit seed i.e banana, date, kiwi, coconut.
    3. Matches and flint.
    4. A waterproof tent.
    5. Blankets to keep me warm.
    6. My loyal companion, Leo, my dog
    7. A first aid kit.
    8. A suitcase full of Patrick Ness, John Green, E. Lockhart
    9. An axe and assorted weapons
    10. A life supply of spices to jazz up my dishes of fish

  8. 1. A backpack of rations
    2. Water Filter
    3. An All-Use Pocket Knife
    4. Wooden Planks ( For protection, shelter, for fires and for raft)
    5. Wires and a circuitboard with tools
    6. Tent
    7. A friend
    ( Thats all I can think of.)
    But if it’s allowed !A boat!

  9. First before i do the list i am sorry for doing this late,anyway this is what i would have
    1.A fishing net or rod to catch fish
    2.goggles to swim
    3.if theirs coconuts,I would get rocks because it can crack coconuts
    3.A kettle to get salt from the salt water to preserve the fish
    4.A water proof tent to sleep in
    5.Matches to light the wood or sand
    6.long lasting clothes to wear if the others break
    7.A infinite Water supply because its crucial
    8.A axe to chop trees
    9.sleeping bag
    10.Plant Seeds for veges

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