Archive | December 17, 2018

Pi & Party time!

Last Friday we celebrated the end of the year with our class party and secret Santa. Thank you to everyone who brought in some tasty treats to share. As part of the OC tradition, we had our annual Pi Challenge – a competition to see who can accurately recite the most digits of Pi. Will managed 8, Julian came up with 9, Noah got to 25, Jules and Hamish Mo did an impressive 35, Grayson and Oliver smashed it with 50 and the very sneaky Emma absolutely nailed it by doing 61! Very impressive! (I can do 3.14… that’s it). As part of the tradition, we celebrated with apple pie.

Art Cave Fun!

We have had so much fun in Art Cave this year, all thanks to the wonderful Jane Lander! Students have enjoyed experiences they wouldn’t ordinarily get to, including tie-dying, lino printing, ceramics and more.  Thanks Jane,  we’ll miss you next year.