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Happy Halloween!

To celebrate Halloween, we continued the OC tradition of writing some 2 sentence horror stories.

CAUTION: Don’t read before bedtime.

Most people would be terrified to find fresh blood and scratches on the inside of their locked bedroom door. Me, I got used to it. – Callum

The trees seemed to shy away from the house as the screaming comes from within. I should never have left her in there. – Will

Death used to fascinate me until I saw it at its best. – Norah

Every morning I hear my mum get up and make breakfast. She died last year. – Jules

I swing my Tier 57 megablade deep into the enemy’s side. The doorbell rings and I take off the VR headset, only to see the bodies strewn across the floor. – Will

I got used to ignoring the screams just like everyone else living in my street. You can’t blame them for ignoring the screams when they started coming from my house. – Chelsea

I used to love writing horror stories, until they started coming to life. – Grayson

I forced the doll into the container full of water. Its lifeless eyes stare back at me. My lungs start filling with water and I can’t breathe as I start to drown. – Annabelle

I was walking to my friend’s house when I heard a scream, but when I turned there was nothing. I kept walking but I heard it again and when I turned around there stood a man with a knife in his hand dripping with blood. – Noah

My husband stared at the red roses he’d just given me, confused. “I thought they were white?” He said, holding a hand to the deep gash in his side.  -Emma

While watching Friday the 13th I thought I heard a chainsaw revving up outside my door. It was only when the movie ended and the revving continued that I started to get really worried. – Julian

I don’t feel pain. Pain only feels me. – Hamish Ma

My husband passed away yesterday. I wake up and hope it was just a dream but there’s someone else sleeping in my bed. – Henry

I used to joke about someone hiding in my sister’s closet. It was funny until it really happened. – Luisa

I dream about dying every night. But now I know it’s not a dream. – Sam

One day I ordered duct tape from eBay. That night I woke up to find Phil Swift saying ‘now that’s a lot of damage’. -Dexter

The clock chimes 12 and the lights turn out. The crunch of footsteps without doubt. – Rowan

I lay in bed with the screams of my family’s death filling my ears. I heard a bang at the door so I stumbled down the stairs of my rickety old house to find my worst fear at the door… the truth.- Fin

The clothes are washed but they bear fresh crimson stains. Every time I touch them I feel great pain. – Amira

I think about what it would be like to be dead. Now that I’ve invited my friend over I don’t have to wonder anymore. – Hamish Mo

Mum went to dye her hair and never came back. I can’t say what happened. – Amie

Last Halloween we carved Jack-o-lanterns. This year we carved me. – Amie

I stare outside from my bedroom window and I can just make out a figure holding a knife. Then I realise I don’t have windows in my room, only mirrors. – Coco

It’s the middle of the night and I hear Jack scream. I run into his bedroom only to find a knife through his heart. Finally, my plan had worked. – Ellen

My village is familiar with the constant screams of the people bound by chains, floating down from the mental asylum up on the hill. One day they all went quiet. – Raquel

I stare at the knife I hold in my hand. That was the night my mother died… what had I done? – Callum

I used to love Halloween, that is until the blood wasn’t fake. – Callum

Every night my parents come in to say good night. I’m an orphan. – Grayson

I can’t feel pain, but I can feel death. It’s with me all the time. – Grayson

The teacher turns around slowly and says, ‘it’s time for NAPLAN!’ – Edie

I used to like to going on long camping trips alone to take pictures of the scenery. When I got home and I looked through the pictures I had taken, they were all of me sleeping with a shadow looming above. – Edie

My dog stares at me with his human-like eyes. My husband walks in with his hands covering his face, then reveals his eyes are missing. – Annabelle

My friend used to be a coal miner and would always have the dark coloured coal dust caked under his nails. I never used to worry about it until the day he came home with blood staining his fingertips. – Mika

I complain to the owner of my apartment about the voices I kept hearing at night. “Don’t you know,” he asked, “They’re the voices of the people who were murdered in that room, just like you!” – Chelsea

I’ve never been scared of death, until he came knocking. – Zali

Being a butcher, you get used to seeing blood. It’s different when it’s your own. – Luisa

It was normal when my brother would bring back lollies from trick or treating. Not so normal when he brought back fingers. – Luisa

The little girl next door loves playing tag with me. Tomorrow, her mum is taking me to see her grave. – Emma

Frightened, I run into my parents bedroom, padded feet silent on the smooth wooden floorboards. The gloved hand that grabs me, belongs not to my mother, nor the eyeless face that peers back at me. – Amira

I never wanted to murder anyone. They made me do it. – Will


I lift my head up and step out of bed only to realise there’s a faint shadow on the wall in front of me. I turn and look back and see a man with knife in hand for a split second, then nothing. – Norah

I plunge the knife deep into my victim, blood seeping out. It felt good. – Dexter

I took out my worry dolls so my nightmares would go away. I wake up to find all my nightmares are back and the worry dolls shivering uncontrollably. – Hamish Ma

I used to get good marks at school, until I told them my father’s job. – Oliver

I used to have an old cupboard. I threw it away when I heard the voices coming from inside. – Oliver

I bought a sausage dog and the next day it wasn’t there. That’s because I ate it for dinner. – Kynan

My brother was playing handball with me until the ball went down the sewer drain. IT dragged him in. – Julian

Feeling fire is normal, but not when it runs through your veins. – Julian

I always lock the front door and side gate when I leave because I get back late. When I arrived home just after midnight, the gate was wide open. – Henry

Every Halloween I carve a face on a pumpkin and put it on the front lawn. I returned home to find a head inside. – Henry

My walls are filled with porcelain dolls. At night time the hallways run with them. – Rowan

My urge to look downstairs is strong. But not as strong as my memory of what happened last time. – Rowan

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