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ICAS English

What a great way to start off Term 4 with lots of amazing ICAS English results. Well done, everyone!

Participation: Hamish Ma, Zali, Ellen and Amie

Credits: Noah (top 20%), Hamish Mo (top 34%), William (top 16%), Jules (top 13%), Mika (top 13%), Fin (top 20%), Grayson (top 34%), Julian (top 35%), Sam (top 24%), Annabelle (top 15%), Henry (top 24%) and Norah (top 19%)

Distinctions: Callum (top 5%), Coco (top 3%), Amira (top 3%), Luisa (top 3%), Emma (top 2%), Raquel (top 7%), Chelsea (top 5%)

High Distinction: Rowan (top 1%) and recipient of the Principal’s Award

What’s happening in Week 1!

Monday 15th October

*Welcome back for Term 4!

-Assembly 11.40am hosted by 3S

Tuesday 16th October


Wednesday 17th October

– Band Day workshop

-Merewether High School Challenge Day

Thursday 18th October

Friday 19th October


-Art Cave

Lots of notes going home today, including Creative Writing Workshops, Robo Club, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Musical and Stage 3 Term 4 Newsletter.