Blogging Challenge: T3 Week 9

With the end of term approaching and Canberra next week, this will be our last blogging challenge for the term.
Reflect on the last 9 weeks, what have you enjoyed the most and what have you enjoyed the least? What’s something you’re looking forward to next term?

5 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge: T3 Week 9

  1. The thing I enjoyed the most was Zone athletics (mostly cause I got to skip school and run around) and my least favourite were the government history lessons and I’m looking forward to thinkfest next term.

  2. I think I enjoyed most was stem groups they were really fun doing ozobots strawbees and the helicopter thing I would be really happy to do it next term.
    My least favourite was the history lessons but the one we did trioramas was fun.

  3. i mostly enjoyed all the actives we got to do like Canberra and other stuff. i’m really enjoying the first day back to school next term because i will get to bring in cupcakes for my birthday it is the day before the term starts!
    ╱▏┈┈┈┈┈┈▕╲▕╲┈┈┈ this is foxie he says hiiiiiii

  4. I enjoyed art cave most because, it was different to every other subject and it wasn’t short and easy. My least favourite subject was history. Sometimes it was interesting but most of the time it was boring, sitting and listening. I’m looking forward to it being the last term, they’re always the most fun.

  5. my favourite thing this term was Canberra ( i already think this and it’s only Sunday!) my least favourite thing was history (no surprises there!) but the one were we did voting was good. next term i’m looking forward to art cave.

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