Blogging Challenge T3 Week 8

For this week’s challenge, choose a country you would love to visit on a holiday. Write a sizzling start about this country as though you’re writing a travel brochure to entice tourists to visit!

4 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge T3 Week 8

  1. Come see the stunning sights of Australia for yourself on an unforgettable journey! Experience what nature has to offer, and come explore the breathtaking landscapes! Learn more about about this beautiful country, it’s people, and it’s unique wildlife! A once in a lifetime opportunity!

  2. New Zealand only a few hours away! The cold winds passing though your hair. Beautiful mountains everywhere. The first small snowflake lands on the tip of your nose. Stunning. What movie is better than The Hobbit? Come see where they filmed all scenes!

  3. Going to the beautiful islands of Hawaii. I could only dream of going there. The hot climate makes it the best place in the world to swim. Not only is the water nice but you can treat yourself to a nice smoothie. If only I could go there

  4. Visit North Korea to see our amazing supreme leader, Kim Jong Un. With beautiful sights such as Nuclear test sights, it will be such an unforgettable holiday. See the parades dedicated to our fabulous leader. It’s more then you’ll ever need!

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