Archive | August 28, 2018

Children’s University: September Challenge

A reminder for all our Children’s University students that passport hours need to be finalised by the end of Week 9 (Friday 21/9/18).

Why not get a head start on the yummy September Challenge (below) or have a go at the Book Week activity.

September Challenge

Everyone loves to eat, and everyone has a meal that they love more than any other. How many of us know how to cook, though? Your challenge for this month is to prepare your favourite recipe and share it with us. When you share, make sure you tell us why you love this meal so much and include a photo of the finished product, or even some video footage! Remember to get help from an adult if you’re using dangerous utensils or equipment in the kitchen. Be sure to take evidence to your in school CUA Coordinator for a stamp in your passport. Time allocated is at the discretion of the in school CUA Coordinator. We can’t wait to see what you create!