9 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge – T3 Wk4

  1. One leap away and I’ve reached my goal. As soon as jump to the next cliff my enemy has removed our prey from the area. I go from cliff to cliff, mountain to mountain. The ginormous enemy pulls it further and further away. It runs like lightning. His foot gets caught and he trips. My world goes in slow motion. Our prey slips out of his hand untangling all the wool. Everything speeds up again and I pounce onto the woolen ball. “Good kitty! You beat me again!”

  2. I hiss menacingly showing the white interior of my mouth I curl up ready to strike “he’s an aggressive little one!”says the
    human I look at my opponent sizing him where should I bite? Another human whispers to the first “I think it’s a cotton mouth sir there venomous be carful,” I recoil now that the snake stick has come i make dash like lighting to the nearest bush but it’s done for, my chance gone the cold metal wraps around my stomach “gotcha,” says the human I angrily try and try to sink my fangs into the snake stick but it is of no use.

  3. Unless you’re looking for it, you wouldn’t know it’s there. All you can see of the great creature is a hard skin poking up out of the murky water. The animal moves slightly, to get a better view of it prey, and the water barely ripples, despite its weight and size. A true master of stealth, it begins to advance. The bird, perching on the branch hanging low over the water, chirps, blissfully anaware of its predator creeping up slowly behind it. As the bird begins to take flight, the creature jumps out of the water, trapping the bird in its powerful, many toothed jaw. Having devoured its meal in a single bite, the crocodile sinks back into the water, disappearing.

  4. Is it a climbing dog or a jumping cat? Neither. On the ever hostile jagged cliffs of limestone, at the hottest part of the day in Madagascar, a group of unique animals rest away. Masters of fun, play and ease, Crown Lemurs travel up and down cliffs of solid limestone to get the best of the food. It is one of nature’s best races of all time. Lemur or the hawks, patrolling the inhospitable limestone cliffs with a chance for food. After the middle of the day, the race begins. The group of lemurs jump out of their nooks and crannies. Jumping into the limestone, they leap, jump, climb, run and stretch. The hawks will always gain on the lemurs, but the limestone gets in their way. Having to twist, turn and shout in pain as the claws clang on solid rock is always slower than a straight race. The eternal jump awaits for the lemurs, and time up for the hawks. The lemurs, bracing themselves walk off the limestone cliffs, jump into the tree canopy, where fruit can be found and, more importantly, the hawks can never follow. But the lemurs will never rest long. They traverse the limestone constantly for a new food supply. And in the jungle predators will always hunt lemurs, a common meat supply found native to madagascar.

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