Choose Maths

Earlier this term, students in the OC worked on a film project for this year’s Choose Maths competition. The project involved creating a short 3-5 minute film based on the  theme ‘Our World Needs Maths’. Films had to explore this concept and include a mathematical operation/problem and mathematical language. Have a look at their fantastic efforts below!

2 thoughts on “Choose Maths

  1. *cough* Nerds

    Haha, sorry Miss just having a bit of fun there.
    I was thinking, am I allowed to come to the end of year assembly thing or even the regular assemblies, cus I kinda wanna re-kindle my roots. You know Year 6 was the best school year ever for me, full stop. and I wanna come back and see how you guys are holding up without me for an afternoon or something. Or also, Just thinking outloud here. When you elect the captains at the end of the year I could maybe come in and give a speech about responsibility and stuff.

    That would be pretty cool, anyway let me know if that sounds neato.


    • Hi Dan! Awwww what a lovely message. I’m so glad you have such fond memories of your time in year 6. We’ll never forget you! Yes, we’d love for you to come back for a visit. Would you be interested in being a special guest judge at our OC Talent Quest next term?

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