Blogging Challenge T2 Wk 8

For this week’s challenge, use the amazing image below from National Geographic to write a sizzling start for a persuasive text about plastic and the environment. 

4 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge T2 Wk 8

  1. I flick the National geographic magazine the article that caught my eye was titled the ‘war on waste’ I keep reading the first line is”in the mere future this thousand year old ice berg may not exist at all because of us,” the story brings an abrupt halt to my perfect world scenario and i realise that we’re doing this and that we need to cut down on waste.

  2. I see my prey. I am ready to pounce as soon as it reaches me. its getting closer, I prepare for my meal. 3, 2, 1, I shoot to my prey. Wait this isn’t food. Its something else. I am choking on it now. I feel darkness seeping into me. Lots and lots of animals die every year from mistaking plastic bags for food. And where did it all start…. us.

  3. In what once was a tranquil oceans, tons of rubbish float in the polluted waters. In what was once teeming with life, is now as bleak and lifeless as an abandoned building. This is the sad reality of some places in our oceans, which, with the aid of humans, have been transformed into massive landfills larger than some countries.

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