Lovely Leaders!

Thank you to all the Year 6 students who accompanied me to the GRIP Leadership Conference on Thursday. It was such a pleasure taking out a group of beautifully behaved, hard working and polite students. We had lots of fun doing a range of activities and learning about leadership qualities. One activity involved students writing similes about leadership. Some of our favourites are below:

Leadership is like a garden because it grows every time you work on it. – Amie

Leadership is like a pair of headphones because people listen to you. – Will

Leadership is like a star because it can guide you when you’re lost. – Chelsea

Leadership is like a car because it takes you places. – Jules

Leadership is like a fire because it’s there when you least expect it. – Archie

Leadership is like a tree because the roots are like the old captains, still there to remember them. – Keita

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