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Blogging Challenge T2 Wk 4

Have a go at solving the maths problems below! Post your answers in the comments 🙂

Elsa’s Favourite Numbers!

Elsa has several favourite numbers. Read the clues to work out what they are.
Each one is less than 100.
Elsa only likes prime numbers.
All of her favourite numbers have a 7 as a digit.
What are Elsa’s favourite numbers?

4 to 7

Place the numbers from 4 to 7 into the equation to make it true.

_____ X ______ + ______ – ______ = 27

Megan’s Marbles
Megan has taken her marbles to school with her.
She gives half of her marbles to Harry.
Harry gives half of these to Kate.
Kate gives half of these to William.
William gives half of these to Phillip.
Phillip was given 3 marbles.
How many marbles did Megan have when she came to school?