Blogging Challenge T1 Wk10

Time for some more writing!
Use the prompt below to write a scene that uses tightening tension. 

He had escaped. But where would the barrel take him?
Image prompt courtesy of Literacy Shed

One thought on “Blogging Challenge T1 Wk10

  1. Crash! The crazy high 5 metre tall wave crashes straight into the side of the of the old rusty pirate ship, soaking everyone on deck. I scramble into one of the barrels , hoping to escape the monstrous storm that has lost them 7 men. Another massive wave crashes into the side of the boat sending me over the side, luckily I am in a barrel and the only thing I can think about is, will I survive? the high waves the sea toss and churn me inside the barrel. I am bruised and battered from all the tossing and churning.”Ow!” I scream in pain. Another wave crashes right into the barrel knocking me out. I awake to people surrounding me, but I don’t think they are here to help. I finally realize that I am currently being cooked on a fire.”Please let me go, please. I beg and plead all at once. Oh wait, if I can just my knife in my pocket. Yes I got, I cut through the rope and fall onto the fire but I roll off quickly. I’m fine, I rush over to the sea, the islander natives are chasing after me. It is a wild goose chase. I don’t know what, will I live?

    hope you liked it

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