Archive | April 3, 2018

Children’s University – April Challenge

April Online Challenge – Camouflage occurs when objects are disguised so they cannot be seen easily. In their natural environment, animals have developed colours that enable them to blend into their environment, for example, a tiger’s stripes. This is mostly so they cannot be seen by other animals that might prey on and eat them. Humans also utilise camouflage to their advantage. For example, our ANZACs wear uniforms designed to help them blend in to their surroundings so that they cannot be spotted by the enemy. 

Your challenge for this month is to choose an environment from around the world (it could be snow, a desert, the rainforest or your school) and then design an outfit which you could wear to camouflage yourself. You can choose to draw, cut and paste pictures or even create and wear the outfit yourself! Be sure to share the outfit and the environment on the CUA Facebook page! Take evidence such as photos or drawings to Ms Armstrong & Mrs Schonberger – time allocated for the challenge will be at our discretion.