Blogging Challenge T1 Wk 7

This week we’re looking at how we can use the 5 senses to make our writing more descriptive and engaging. Using the image below as your stimulus, write a paragraph (or a whole story if you’re feeling enthusiastic) that evokes the senses! Good luck – can’t wait to read them. 

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4 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge T1 Wk 7

  1. The butterfly slowly landed on my finger. It’s little feet were as furry as a cat. He was so big I could hear the wings flapping at the same pace as the warm tasting wind. I took a deep breath in. For some reason it smelt better than before. Like little cobweb pieces. Probley stuck on the wings. I tried carefully take them off but it flew away. It was so beautiful. Like a shimmering sunflower in the sky.

  2. The beautiful winged creature flew gracefully down, swerving around the vines and moss of its home. All I could do was stare, not even noticing the smell of smoke piercing the natural pollen and plant aromas like a dagger. I finally snapped my eyes away from the amazing butterfly just as the salty taste of sweat in my mouth gave way to a ferocious, dry taste of smog. I heard trees crackling with flames and the lush forest turned to no man or baboon land. I jumped up onto one of the vines and felt the furry probes tickle my blistered hands as I swung for my life.

    Hope you liked my 5 senses!

  3. I buried myself deeper in the scratchy foliage, surely the giant ape must’ve seen me by now. The wind ruffles its fur. The air seemed still, and swollen, as though in anticipation of the next big event. I heard a flutter beneath me, felt fragile wings brush against my skin, and before my eyes, thousands of orange and black butterflies took to the sky.

  4. The feet of the butterfly touch my pinky, wings soft and delicate. A smell of vines calms my mind and I rest my body. I stare out into the jungle, a silent bird of paradise showing off to a mate. A hummingbird chirps, calling to a friend. I stick my tounge out and it hits the butterfly. It startles and flys off into the sun, wings extending all the time. The senses of the jungle.🦋
    By Amira

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