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  1. Correct me if I am wrong, but the bannanas can’t be an odd number because we are minessing 2 coconuts (anything times 2 is an even number) from them to equal a even number and even – even = even. eg. 8 – 6 = 2

  2. 9900 is the highest I’ve got. If you move the middle one on the 8 and and close off the 5 to make it a nine, that is your first move, and you’ve got 9000. Your second move then is to move the one on the first 0 on the left at the bottom in the middle position and there you have it, 9900.

    Then of course, you could cheat and add extra digets to the number.

  3. If each bannana was worth 1, then the first row would read
    Apple=10 + 4 bananas=4,+ 4 bananas = 18 which works

    The second row would read 4 – __ = 2 If each coconut was worth 1, the sum would work

    Coconut (1) + Apple (10) + Banana times 3 (as there is 3 bananas)(3) = 1+10+3=13

  4. a banana is worth 4
    a coconut is worth 1
    and a apple is worth 10

    the answer to the last question is 15

  5. the hedgehog is worth 3kg
    the fox is worth 17kg
    and the rabbit is worth 7kg
    the total combined mass is 27kg

  6. Well done to everyone who had a go at solving this week’s blogging challenge! Lots of great answers and problem solving.
    Here are the answers…
    1. The Fruit: an apple is worth 10, a banana 1 (so bunch of 4 = 4), and half a coconut is worth 1. Therefore the total of the bottom row is 14.

    2. The Animals: the rabbit weighs 7kg, the hedgehog weighs 3kg, the fox weighs 17kg. So all up the total weight is 27kg.

    3. Matchstick numbers: This one was a bit sneaky. The highest possible digit you could make is 511,108. By moving the 2 horizontal matchsticks in the first zero, you can create additional digits.

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