Weekly Blogging Challenge T1 Wk4

This term we’re focusing on imaginative writing and how to make our writing more exciting. One of the techniques we’ve started looking at is Sizzling Starts.

For this week’s homework Blogging Challenge, use the image below to write a sizzling start. You can post your writing in the comments section. Remember – a sizzling start catches the reader’s attention by starting where the action is. Can’t wait to read some amazing writing!

Image from The Literacy Shed website

16 thoughts on “Weekly Blogging Challenge T1 Wk4

  1. Alma approached the glacier, her eyes wide, footsteps crunching in the snow. She took out a small hammer, careful of where to tap the ice. She shivered under her thermal jacket and soft woollen beanie, though her shivering was caused more by a strange mixture of fear and amazement rather than the cold. She had spent hours trudging through the ice and snow, and she had lost communication with the lab when her helicopter had crashed. And then she had found it, the great wooly mammoth, frozen in time.

  2. The mammoth was beautiful, silent. It stared out of the ice at the snow, waiting for a chance of life again. It looked peaceful, the way many humans aren’t

  3. She walked towards the glacier & saw the big beautiful mammoth in the ice. She ran her fingers across the ice, smiling wide. Turning around to get her camera it slowly cracked across the middle. Spinning back panack hit her. She ran, slipped. The mammoth blinked. What was going to happen?

  4. Crunch! I am freezing in the cold ice of Antarctica, but my excitement makes me feel a lot better. Today is the day. today is the day we break that glacier and take out the 900 million year old Mammoth. The question is, will it come back to life if we unfreeze it?

  5. His footsteps slowly approached the frozen creature.Amazed, he pulled out a camera and took a photo “click,” then grabbed a pickaxe out of his rucksack and carefully taped at the ice.The woolly mammoth’s face was blank staring at the snowy mountains that surrounded them, slowly icicles starting to fall then he heard a small “crack.”

  6. The ice around it glistened like crystals. The giant mammoth rose above me like a skyscraper, it’s tusk’s as sharp as spears, it’s legs like iron pillars and
    it’s size like never seen before. I took a snap on my camera for proof, I had just found the only living mammoth frozen in ice.
    That’s what I thought.

  7. As I startled toward the iceberg with a mammoth trapped inside. It was in frozen suspension as i ran my fingers on the calming frozen ice I heard a voice that said “step away from the mammoth” they didn’t want me near the mammoth but it seemed so sad and lonely I ignored the voice and whispered to it “I will help you i promise” I was going to break the ice around the mammoth one day…

  8. I tapped away at the ice furiously, bits of it flying into my face. I was determined to get it out, no matter what the cost. I it was slowly getting dark, the golden sun sinking over the horizon. As I chipped away my sore arms were getting more heavy by the second. I don’t think I could stand it much longer…

  9. The prehistoric beast was amazing. Bob couldn’t take his eyes of it.The moment everything seemed peaceful he heard a sharp crack. The eyes suddenly locked on him like a fighter pilot locking in on his target. Bob was frozen in terror. He finally came back to his senses just as the beast started moving. He tried to run along the rock hard ice but slipped and fell onto the mirror-like floor of the arctic . Blood seeped down his face but it was already was to late…

  10. Well done to everyone who completed this week’s blogging challenge. Some really exciting and intriguing story starts to engage the reader. Terrific effort.

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