6 thoughts on “Welcome to the OC 2018!

  1. I miss you all sooooo much! If you don’t know me well… hi stranger (things)!Im a human being who was in the oc last year. Year six. Enjoy your last year of having the choice on whether or not to do homework. High school is great but the homework is insane. I just wrote four pages about the lovely bones and we were liars for english ( I admit I was only meant to do two pages and I was meant to pick one book but I am me sooooo.) and I still have two maths worksheets and science stuff to do. All of the teachers here are nice but none of them compare to my favourite…MR SLADE! Ok ok ok just kidding miss Armstrong is the best! Have fun this year and have fun reading a monster calls (it’s amazing!) and don’t call me Ishmael ( it’s amazing…ly awkward and hilarious.)
    Once again, I miss you all!
    P.s I only just realised that this is like a full blown letter. The things I do to avoid maths.
    P.p.s guess who!
    P.p.p.s if you were here last year and you can’t guess by the length of this comment then I will be very sad. Ok I’m going for real now that math won’t do itself (I wish it would.)

    • Hi Celeste! Glad to hear high school is going well. You’re reading 2 of my favourite novels.
      Come back and visit soon – we miss you!

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