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Happy Holidays!

My final blog post for 2017! Thank you so much for a wonderful year and for all the lovely gifts, cards and kind words this week. Today as we marked the roll for the last time this year I asked the students to reflect on 2017 and choose one word to describe it. Some of my favourites were- amazing, fun, crazy, exciting, exhausting and dab. There were lots of ‘I don’t knows’ which I completely understand given the difficulty of choosing just one word to encapsulate all the amazing times we’ve had. Farewell to our beautiful Year 6s! It was an emotional afternoon saying goodbye. We will miss you but know you’ll come back and visit. Delightful Year 5s, see you soon! I’ll leave you with some final photos of Year 6 today. Have a fabulous Christmas and relaxing break and see you in 2018!


Christmas is in the air!

Thank you for the toilet roll donations! We used these to create some beautiful snowflake ornaments. I’m not usually one for Christmas craft but when I saw these I couldn’t resist and I think the kids have done a great job designing their own snowflake. Hopefully these will be hanging majestically from your Christmas tree this season. 

Pi, Pizza & Party Time!

This week we celebrated the end of the year with our class party and secret Santa. Thank you to everyone who brought in some tasty treats to share. As part of the OC tradition, we had our annual Pi Challenge – a competition to see who can accurately recite the most digits of Pi. Blade did a super job with 10, Sam came up with 15, Grayson did an impressive 22, Oscar smashed it with 121 and Noah K absolutely blew us away by doing 201! Wow! Very impressive! (I can do 3.14… that’s it). Naturally, we celebrated with pie.

Year 6 Farewell

Tonight we had a fabulous send-off for our graduating class of 2017! It was a bittersweet evening as we are sad to say goodbye to our kids, but we are so excited for what is ahead of them. We are so proud of each and every one of you and wish you all the best for high school and beyond. Have a look through the memories of our Year 6 students and photos from the farewell below.

Super Statisticians!

Earlier this term Stage 3 students took part in the Statistical Society of Australia’s National Schools Poster Competition, which involved students devising a hypothesis, creating surveys, collecting data and analysing and presenting their findings. Today we received some exciting news – 2 of our teams were joint winners!

Congratulations to Chelsea, Blade, Mika, Edie, Ellen and Sam from the Waste Watchers. Congratulations also to Liana, Raquel and Eliza from Reading Right!

A massive thank you to the amazing Dr Elena Prieto-Rodriguez for introducing this project to us and for being a fabulous mentor!

Nifty Novelists

Congratulations to all our students who took part in the November writing challenge – NaNoWriMo. It was great to see so many students keen to take part and embark on writing a novel! Well done to everyone who reached their word count goal. Even though it’s now December, you can still keep writing!