Student Leaders 2018

Well done to all of our Year 5 students who took part in our leadership program over the past 2 weeks. Students learnt about and discussed the skills, qualities and values of being a leader; listened to a talk from our current school captains, Ember and Oscar about their experience as school leaders and also spoke with Mr Selwood about the roles and responsibilities of leadership. It was great to see so many amazing students put themselves forward and share their applications for a leadership position. After our session last week, all Year 5 students took part in a peer vote for their top 3 male and female leaders.

Congratulations to Joey, Hamish, Jules, Keita, Evie and Georgie! Next Thursday 30th November beginning at 9.20am, these students will present their captaincy speeches to K-5 ready for a whole school vote. Parents and family are very welcome to attend this event. We wish our 2018 leaders the very best and look forward to their leadership journey!

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