Archive | August 21, 2017

ICAS Writing

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Congratulations to all of our wonderful writers who took part in this year’s ICAS Writing. Their amazing results are below. Well done!

Participation: Eliza, Eleanor, Griffin, Duncan, Amie and Ellen

Credits: Edie (top 35%), Fin (top 23%),  Oscar (top 35%), William (top 13%), Ty (top 24%), Ember (top 24%), Blade (top 24%), Noah K (top 15%) and Sam (top 15%)

Distinctions: Mika (top 7%), Chelsea (top 7%), Layla (top 9%), Chloe (top 9 %), Grayson (top 7%) and Raquel (top 7%)

High Distinctions: Emma (top 1%), Noah G (top 1%), Celeste (top 1%) and winner of the Principal’s Award for the highest achiever.