Term 2 Overview

Term 2 is certainly well under way! Below is an overview of some of the opportunities and events students will be involved in this term.


This term students have begun studying our class novel Skellig by David Almond. We will also be starting our Literature Circles this term, guided to begin with. Towards the end of the term, students will have the opportunity to choose a text set for their Literature Group to read and study.

Our OC Book Club begins this month! We are reading the text Two Wolves by Tristan Bancks and will meet at the end of May to have our discussion.

During the holidays I purchased a whole range of new novels for our OC Class Library. It has been wonderful to see so many students borrowing and enjoying these and sharing their recommendations with others. Please encourage your child to choose a book to bring home if they haven’t done so already.


This term students will be learning about a variety of concepts and devices to enhance their writing skills and will use these to produce imaginative, informative and persuasive texts. Part of this process involves students sharing their work with peers for critiquing and publishing finished pieces of writing on their individual blogs.

Last term our students demonstrated great skill and flair for writing imaginative texts. This term our focus will move towards producing persuasive texts. I will continue to showcase quality examples on the blog.

Students are currently working on a writing project based on the theme Lost. I look forward to some great stories!

We have also organised some Stage 3 combined writing sessions for this term where students will get to work with other students and teachers to develop their skills and knowledge.


During our maths sessions, students will work in group rotations. The maths content we will be covering this term includes: Fractions and Decimals, Volume and Capacity, Patterns and Algebra, Chance and Data, Whole Number and Time.

During this term and next, the OC will be participating the in annual APSMO Maths Olympiad and Maths Games program. The entry fee is $15 per student. Students are able to access past Olympiad papers as part of the homework options. The Olympiads are quite challenging, but a great way for students to develop their problem solving skills.

Students invited to take part in the AMT Challenge will begin working on their problems later this term when notes/payment have been returned.


The first event for OC students was the Interschool Chess Challenge held earlier this week – we came 1st! Thank you to all the parents who helped out with transport.

We also have an excursion planned for Week 7 to the Civic Theatre to see a performance of Roald Dahl’s The Witches. I’ll be sending a note home next week.


Homework for students began last week (Week 2). Again, homework consists of a choice menu, where you can negotiate with your child what activities to complete at home. There is a speaking and listening task for all students to complete – due Week 5. The top 3 speakers will be invited to compete in our Speak Off in Week 6. Parents/carers are invited to attend this event.

SSAI National Primary & Secondary Poster Competition

We are very fortunate to have Dr Elena Prieto joining us from the University of Newcastle to introduce and assist students with this mathematical endeavour. This project-based learning activity involves teams of 2 to 5 students creating an informative poster presentation based on the collection and interpretation of data towards addressing a practical research question.


This term students will be covering the topic Factors that Shape Places – Urban Spaces and Agriculture with Miss Hibbert on Tuesdays. Students have the opportunity to investigate how people change the natural environment in Australia and other places around the world. They will also explore how the environment influences the human characteristics of places and examine ways people influence the characteristics of places, including the management of spaces. 


Students will explore the science of the solar system and space and have the opportunity to develop their understanding of the 8 planets and other celestial objects in the solar system and beyond. We also have a visit from Skyworks Planetarium in Week 6 which will tie in perfectly with this unit. 


Congratulations to our PSSA Knockout Soccer, Netball and Cricket teams who all made it through the first round. Keep an eye out for notes coming home with dates for future games. We also have a PSSA Soccer and Netball team representing our school each Friday and rugby skills for students remaining at school. We are currently arranging table tennis for Fridays as well!

Writing Buddies

Last term our class worked with 3AD for our Reading Buddies program. This term we will be doing Writing Buddies and I am looking forward to seeing them share their amazing writing skills with our younger students.


The UNSW ICAS competitions begin this term starting with Digital Technologies in Week 5, Science in Week 6 and Writing and Spelling in Week 8. 

Our whole school Athletics Carnival is coming up in Week 8 on Thursday 15th June. Notes about this event will be sent home soon.

Our Hall of Fame assembly will take place on Tuesday afternoon in Week 10.

The OC will be hosting our Monday assembly in Week 9, 19th June at 11.40am. We’d love it if you could come along and join us. 

Our SRC will be organising a Disco to take place in Week 6 – Wednesday 31st May. Special guest DJ Mix-a-lot will be back! Tickets on sale soon.

We will be celebrating NAIDOC Day in the last week of this term with a special day of activities on the Monday and cultural events throughout the week.

Permission notes and information has been sent home about our Term 3 major excursion to the Great Aussie Bush Camp. Payments can be made at the office or online. 

Finally, well done to the students who have had a terrific start to the term. Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding OC learning programs or events.

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