Archive | April 7, 2017

Happy Easter!

Thank you to everyone who joined us today for our Easter celebrations. An impressive effort and lots of creative Easter Hats from the OC – well done! A huge thank you to our incredibly generous families for their donations to our annual Easter Raffle. We raised over $1000, which will go towards supporting the numerous Creative and Performing Arts programs in our school. Happy Easter and enjoy our photos below!


Well done to all of our students who submitted a free choice short story in the Write4Fun competition this term. Have a read of their terrific work below!







Chelsea – Beyond               Celeste – The Orphan             Jules – Chained             Eleanor – Fire, Smoke            Ellen – Unfortunate Parents          Ember – Capture It, Fight It, Protect It!                        Emma – The Fear In Your Head               Layla – Freaks       Hamish – The Hidden Temple                 Noah G – Loucara      Mika – Purple Gloves             Noah K – The Monster Under the Bed                 Oscar – Vain              Chloe – The Good Forgive              William – My World            Amie – Fishy         Fin – Your Worst Nightmare     Blade – Locked Up In Chains

Reconciliation Artworks

This term as part of our History unit on Aboriginal Culture, students designed and created posters to represent reconciliation. Well done!